LG Innotek Begins Mass Production of “ToF Module” for Smart Phones

LG Innotek stated it will begin to mass produce a ToF (Time of Flight) module for smartphones to secure the leading position in the high-tech 3D sensing component market.

G8ThinQ, a new LG Electronics flagship smartphone to be released on the 24th, already houses this ToF module on the front. ToF module perceives three-dimensionality, spatial information, and movement of an object by using the distance calculated based on the return time of the light shot towards and bounces off of a target object.

The distance range a ToF module can cover for 3D sensing is long. It consumes less electric power than other 3D technology and can be made slim; therefore, it is very suitable for mounting onto a smart phone.

Furthermore, this module can be used to carry out various functions for biometric verification, motion sensing, artificial reality, and virtual reality, etc. LG Innotek is speeding up the expansion of its 3D sensing module business.

The company has internalized key component technology necessary for 3D sensing modules, such as light source technology and lens technology, to further enhance its competitive edge.