ROHM Semiconductor Demonstrates Its Latest Automotive Exterior Lighting Solutions

ROHM Semiconductor is proud to present its innovative LED solutions for Automotive applications at the world’s leading show for electronics, electronica in Munich

For lighting LEDs offer numerous advantages such as longer life time, higher reliability and power efficiency over traditional solutions. Additionally they allow for more accuracy and brightness control while improving design flexibility, styling and differentiation of the end product. ROHM’s broad range of high performance and power efficient LED drivers is used in many automotive applications for interior as well as exterior lighting and help to realize reliable, state-of-the-art, cost-efficient designs.


Within this range, Rohm can offer the latest developments in exterior lighting such as High/LowBeam LED headlights, Matrix/Pixel LED dynamic front lights and sequential turn indicators. For example the BD18312MUF LED driver could support High/Low Beam LED headlights or Day Running Lamp (DRL) mode for day light and fog lights. This device incorporates a boost and 2 buck converters and is controlled by a microcontroller via serial peripheral interface (SPI).

The SPI provides controllability and reports back the system status ensuring high system reliability. The company’s SPI controlled Matrix LED controller for headlights allows adaptive front lighting. It consists of individual switches to control up to 6 LEDs with individual brightness control and diagnostics for each LED. If there is a system failure the device will switch to a pre-defined stand- alone mode.

PR 195-2016/ROHM

ROHMs matrix controllers, the BD18360 and BD18361, can be used for the dynamic turn indicators. To address different markets there is one product developed for the stand-alone functionality (BD18360) and one which makes use of a MCU for advanced communication function control (BD18361). The required constant current for the Matrix controllers can be delivered by the buck LED driver (BD18391EFV-M).

The demos and others are shown and active at the booth in Hall A5.542. These further underline the benefits of ROHM’s exterior lighting portfolio. Overall, these solutions provide high performance with advanced diagnostics and protection features, thermal management and low EMI, and enable sophisticated, compact and energy efficient solutions for enhanced reliability. For more information visit this link