Mojo Vision has developed a 14,000 PPI Micro-LED microdisplay

Mojo Vision, a Californian startup dedicated to the development of pervasive, yet unobtrusive augmented reality solutions which it calls “Invisible Computing”, has unveiled a tiny MicroLED display, only 0.48mm in diameter, boasting a record 14K PPI pixel density.

Smaller than a grain of rice, the prototype display delivers a pixel density 300 times greater than current smartphone displays and draws about a tenth of the power required by today’s LCD displays while being 5 to 10 times brighter than OLEDs for viewing outdoors.

According Mojo Vision, with a world record pixel pitch of 1.8µm and a pixel density over 14,000ppi, the monochrome display technology is the company’s first important step in succeeding in its mission to deliver “Invisible Computing”, enabling people to receive and share information that is immediate and relevant without distracting them from the world in front of them.

“Creating screens with smaller pixels will deliver a nearly invisible low-power display without the distraction of today’s mobile devices. This prototype demonstrates the capability MicroLEDs have to create more seamless AR experiences”, said Mojo Vision’s VP of Displays, Paul S. Martinat in a statement.