Energy efficiency center opens in Serbia

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade is now the location of the Energy Efficiency Center.

Center received a donation of EUR 700,000 from the Government of Japan

The purpose is to train managers for more efficient use of energy.

“This is an important day for Serbia because energy savings might be more important than constructing new buildings,” Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antić said at the Center’s launch and drew attention to irrational and inefficient consumption of energy in Serbia.

He added that Serbia committed to reducing the total energy consumption by ten percent by 2018 and that a reduction of almost six percent had already been achieved.


“Companies that use more than 2,500 tonnes of oil equivalents, local communities with more than 20,000 inhabitants, and shopping centers that use more than 1,000 tonnes of oil equivalents will have managers in the future who will develop projects for saving energy, which is now spilling all over the place,” Antić added.

Senior Advisor to Director General of Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Hiroyuki Hayashi said tha the organization had provided technical assistance to Serbia and that the Center was finished before the deadline.

“We hope that the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering will benefit from the Center and contribute to building capacities for higher energy efficiency,” Hayashi said.

Project Consultant Yasushi Kawana said that ten instructors from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering had gone through training, and by the end of January next year, they should have trained managers in energy efficiency.