We attended the Svemirteh science workshop

Svemirteh – Space Technology in the Republic of Croatia was fired on 19.9. at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture.

The aim of the workshop was to demonstrate developments related to space and space technologies in Croatia, and to identify economic potentials and research groups in the Republic of Croatia active in the field with the aim of coordinating and possibly joining together in joint action within European space programs and beyond.

Specifically, we have recently witnessed increased activities in the field of space technology in the Republic of Croatia, both in the field of research activities and in the economic – or innovation – sector. These activities are evident through the existence of recent research projects funded by national and university research foundations (eg HRZZ), but also in the economic scene where there are more small (or already medium-sized) companies today that can contribute to the development of the space sector through their products. The development of negotiations and regulation of relations with the European Space Agency (ESA) – also a recent development – opens up additional modes of cooperation and research and economic momentum in the area.

In this regard, the aim of the workshop was to bring together the above stakeholders and create a framework for the exchange of information, both on individual products and on-going research by scientific groups and economic entities, as well as on the formal aspects of establishing cooperation within the EU Framework Programs, cooperation with ESA, but and other tenders. The special focus of the workshop will be on the problems of establishing and initial activities of ‘start-up’ technology companies in the Republic of Croatia and examples of good practice will be presented in this regard.

At the conference there were 20 presenters from different spheres, from companies, organizations, professors, government officials. Achievements, products, opportunities for companies are presented. In addition to presenters from Croatia, there was Mr Rodic from the Slovenian Center of Excellence, who presented achievements in Slovenia and announced the recent launch of their first satellite.

There are several space-related projects in Croatia, but this goes public with derision and “under the radar”, so this workshop was a great place to show that these are serious projects that serious companies and institutions are working on. It was a 4th workshop, a 3rd open to the public.