Micro: bit Educational Foundation announced the production and distribution of 2 million BBC micro: bit.

The Foundation has taken over the BBC micro: it is global and the device is now available in more than 50 countries – national projects are in Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Iceland, Uruguay and Singapore.

The BBC micro is a computer codable, pocket sized pocketbook that has been developed to help young people become creative with technology, regardless of their level of experience. Launched by BBC Learning in 2016 as part of the Digital Make It Digital corporation, it is intended for the development of a new generation of digital developers and up to one million microbits delivered free of charge every year.

Micro: bit was inspired by BBC Micro and its impact on home and school computing in the early 1980s when 1.5 million were produced. BBC Micro was an initiative directed to the UK, but through the BBC Micro Foundation: it is now available internationally with a series of projects that help young people in creativity technology.