CARNET marks the Day of .hr domain

Today, 26 years ago, the international organization ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which is in charge of managing global domain internet space, has given CARNET the management of the national domain of Croatia.

The first registered domain was, and since that date, the number of domains has been growing steadily and 104.396 are currently registered. Unlike other European countries, Croatia alone allows its citizens and legal entities to register free .hr domains, thus encouraging the creation of virtual identity. Thus, almost 70 percent of registered domains are free, while the billing domains are only registered with authorized registrars.

In 2012 CARNET took on all the elements of management and administration. At that time, the paper domain name registration concept was abandoned and online registration was introduced, which significantly speeded up and simplified the processes associated with the free domain.

All .hr domains are registered in accordance with the Rulebook on Organization and Management of the Top National Internet Domain. The latest changes to the Rulebook enabled the registration of domains composed exclusively of numbers, domains with Croatian dijakritic characters (č, ć, ž, đ, š) and domains composed of one or two alphanumeric characters.