Renex introduced REECO RE-2100 soldering robot

PCB Soldering Robot The REECO RE 2100 is a device that combines functionality and modern look inspired by simplicity and minimalism. He is the winner of the “Dobry Wzór 2018” award. In relation to the project, three variations of the carrier have been developed for different tasks. The stability of the construction and the size of the device are optimized, and the housing and ergonomic control panels are also designed. As a result of a multiparty partnership, a product was created that stands out from other proposals in its category.

Characteristics of robots:

Automatic positioning of the format / PCB
Control of all process parameters
Wire Detector Sensor and Wire block Detection Sensor
Solder wire support that supports different wire thicknesses: 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm
Accurate stabilization and temperature regulation of soldering +/- 2 ° C
More than 45 types of tips for soldering tips
Induction Heated Tip provides a much faster transmission of heat energy
Automatic top cleaning system during operation
Allows you to connect components to connected paths with large weight fields
Professional soldering station that enables work 24/7
Manage the entire device using the Siemens PLC
The modular durable body of the device on a massive metal frame, in line with the new EU directives
The device is equipped with edge transport in accordance with the IPC guidelines of SMEMA and ready to communicate with other machines