Reeco soldering robot is the winner of the 25th jubilee competition gala „Dobry Wzór 2018”.

During the gala of the 25th edition of the DOBRY WZÓR 2018 contest, in the „work” category, the Reeco soldering robot produced by RENEX from Włocławek, Poland received the prize.

This is a huge distinction for the RENEX company. In addition to the advanced technical capabilities of the device itself, it is important for the manufacturer that the project has been approved by the jury of the Institute of Industrial Design in the sphere where technology and design plays a huge role.

“RENEX designing its devices introduces very modern technological solutions, but also plays a huge role to the functionality and aesthetics of your products. All the more we enjoy the recognition of our work.”

On behalf of Renex, the leader in the supply of machinery and technological equipment for the electronics market, the award was collected by Zbigniew Łysoniewski and Paweł Snopkowski.

The competition is organized to show what design is all about, what is the purpose of design and industrial design – said Bożena Gargas, president of the Institute of Industrial Design. Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński added that today there is no economic success without the cooperation of designers, creators, and thus people of culture with producers.