LG to get aggressive with robotics related projects

LG Electronics is turning to building robots and AI as a way of making up for the cash it has lost making smartphones.

The outfit said it will aggressively invest in robots, seeking to capitalize on advancing artificial intelligence that may eventually lead to sophisticated machines performing everyday human tasks.

LG robots

Apparently the robo-revolution is being planned by its appliances division so they can  work closely with home appliances products such as refrigerators, washers and air conditioning units.

“We will prepare for the future by aggressively investing in smart home, robots and key components and strengthen the home appliances business’s capabilities,” said Jo Seung-jin, head of LG’s appliances business, in the statement.

LG did not elaborate on how much it plans to invest in its push or when it expects to launch robotic products, but the firm said it is exploring a variety of options through the combination of technologies including autonomous driving and artificial intelligence.