Qualcomm and Geely preparing 5G-enabled C-V2X

China car manufacturer Geely, Qualcomm and IoT specialist Gosuncn have teamed up to put 5G-linked cars on the road in China in 2021.

The group has proposed its four steps G-Pilot strategy for autonomous driving in 2018. Presently, its autonomous driving is at Level 2 and will now provide Level 3 services with 5G and C-V2X technologies in 2021 for selected brands.

Geely has expertise in auto front cameras, front millimeter wave radars, ultrasonic radars, 24G rear millimeter-wave radars. collision reduction systems, ACC self-adaptive cruise systems, AEB systems for avoiding accidents, as well as monitoring and reminding system with limited speed identification and fatigue detection.

Geely anticipates that future models released in 2021 will increase the demand for 5G and C-V2X on the basis of Level 2 and be equipped with Level 3 autonomous driving technology.