Fujitsu Addresses the Demands of the Modern Workplace with the New Ultra-Mobile LIFEBOOK Family

Fujitsu introduced a new family of ultra-mobile notebooks designed to meet the changing needs of business professionals, both at their desks and on the move.
The LIFEBOOK U7x7 family comprises three new lightweight notebooks in different sizes, ranging from an ultra-mobile 12.5-inch display through to a 15-6-inch workhorse.
Just 19mm thin and weighing only 1.3 kilograms1, the new 12.5-inch screen LIFEBOOK U727 is the first fully ultra-mobile notebook from Fujitsu. Its slimline design is shared by both the 14-inch screen size LIFEBOOK U747 and the largest model in the new range, the 15.6-inch screen size LIFEBOOK U757.
The LIFEBOOK U7x7 notebook family is designed to meet the demands of every work style. Fujitsu has focused on convenience, and offers the choice of classic or USB type-C port replicator – making it easier for shared desk users to dock in any workplace – as well as full-size interfaces for network and displays, which avoid the need to carry around an easily misplaced bag full of cables and adaptors. Fujitsu has also ensured that the LIFEBOOK U7x7 family is easy to manage, thanks to the use of the same BIOS image, mainboard and components, which streamlines management for IT departments and helps drive down lifetime costs.
Since the new family of notebooks is ultra-mobile, Fujitsu has also taken steps to ensure that LIFEBOOK U7x7 models – and data – are protected against theft or unauthorized access. The range comes with sophisticated security features including an integrated smart card reader and TPM 2.0. The optional palm vein sensor uses Fujitsu PalmSecure2 technology to enable user authentication without passwords, and can also be implemented alongside additional authentication methods. Numerous additional features enhance the overall LIFEBOOK U7x7 user experience, such as ergonomic, anti-glare HD or optional full HD (FHD) touch displays, strengthened screen hinges and a high-end magnesium housing to enhance durability for the line-up.
As mobile professionals would expect, all-day battery life comes as standard – while user-exchangeable batteries add convenience and help reduce lifetime costs. Unlike other vendors, Fujitsu makes it possible to upgrade hard drives and system memory without voiding warranties, and provides easy access via service doors. There is also no need for LIFEBOOK U7x7 users to compromise when it comes to connectivity, since all models feature built-in VGA ports and a full-sized LAN connector.
Ruediger Landto, Head of Client Computing Division and the Internet of Things at Fujitsu EMEIA, says: “Maximum flexibility, connectivity and security are among the most frequently requested features for business notebooks today. As desk sharing and mobile working increase in popularity, professionals are looking for all-round capabilities, while employers need high-performance yet cost-efficient devices that will both gain user acceptance and stay the course. These requirements have driven the design philosophy behind the new LIFEBOOK U7x7 family. Fujitsu offers different models to suit every working style, from the executive who is always on the move to users who require a larger screen or who want to be able to work on two screens at once.”
The LIFEBOOK U7x7 notebook line-up will be available to order in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa from November, with the first shipments expected in January 2017. Pricing varies according to model, configuration and country.