Finally it’s here! Prisma App for Android

The second most important app of the summer has finally arrived on Android.

Prisma has been taking over people’s Instagrams in the past few weeks. It’s led to an influx of pictures using new filters – some of which make pictures look like art, others that just turn them a lot more colourful.

prisma app 1

And now the app has arrived on the Google Play Store, making it officially available for Android phones too. As well as making it easier to download, releasing the app for Android makes users of Google’s operating system more safe.

The Google Play Store had been filled up with people looking to take advantage of Prisma’s popularity by tricking them into downloading dodgy fakes, but that should now come to an end.But the arrival on Android is also causing issues for some users.

prisma app

Because the app uses artificial intelligence to apply its filters – rather than just adding a layer like Instagram does – if more people use it then it can cause demand on the app’s servers.

As a result the app has been experiencing problems in the time since it has been released. Users have reported that the app’s filters are slow to load or won’t load at all.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and keeps all of the same features as it does on iOS.