Sub-D connector works up to 10GHz for space, military and aero market

Smiths Interconnect has developped new split pair quadrax contact technology for its rugged D-Sub connector Series, providing robust high-speed performance compatible with existing qualified rugged D-Sub connectors.

Just in case you are not familiar with twinax and quadrax: coax has a single central conductor inside a circular shield, twinax has two side-by-side conductors in a circular shield and quadrax has four.

Existing twinax contacts support data rates of above 10 Gbps, but this performance is typically achieved at the cost of signal density in the architecture. Smiths Interconnect has designed a solution that isolates the individual pairs within the quadrax format in existing, space qualified, interconnect systems. The resulting isolated pair contact fits within existing housings and supports high density data rates exceeding 10 Gbps.

The Rugged D-Sub connectors with split pair quadrax contacts support all mechanical and environmental performance parameters with enhanced electrical signal integrity. The innovative isolated pair contact system offers a solution with individual twinax pairs within the quadrax format through the cable and contact. The new connectors meet the high-speed application requirements of the Space and Military/Aero markets, including the ability to reliably transmit and receive 10 Gbps and beyond with a stable characteristic impedance of 100 Ω and compliance to all MIL-STD-202 requirements for shock and vibration.