SIA calls for more US government support for US semiconductor industry

The SIA (Semiconductor Industry Association) has produced a report asking the US government for more support.

“The Winning the Future” blueprint lays out the ambitious actions needed to confront these challenges and help ensure America continues to lead the world in semiconductor technology.

Some of guidelines are:

1.) Invest in research that will promote American semiconductor innovation.

– Triple U.S. investments in semiconductor-specific research across federal scientific agencies from approximately $1.5 billion to $5 billion annually to advance new materials, designs, and architectures that will exponentially increase chip performance.

– Double U.S. research investments in semiconductor-related fields such as materials science, computer science, engineering, and applied mathematics across federal scientific agencies to spur leap-ahead innovations in semiconductor technology that will drive key technologies of the future, including artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and advanced wireless networks.

2.) Attract and develop a skilled workforce that will ensure U.S. leadership in semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing and in the development and implementation of future growth technologies.

– Reform the high-skilled immigration system by eliminating counterproductive caps on green cards so qualified STEM graduates from U.S. colleges and universities, as well as STEM graduates from around the world, can work, innovate, and contribute to U.S. leadership in the semiconductor industry and boost our economy.

– Increase U.S. investments in STEM education by 50 percent and implement a national STEM education initiative to double the number of American STEM graduates by 2029.

3.) Ensure access to global markets and protect intellectual property so the U.S. semiconductor industry can compete, innovate, and grow in the future.

– Approve and modernize free trade agreements, including the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, that remove market barriers, protect IP, and enable fair competition.

– Increase resources for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to prevent and prosecute semiconductor intellectual property theft, including the misappropriation of trade secrets.

You can download full report here.