Nano Dimension’s DragonFly is capable of printing production-grade capacitors

Israeli startup Nano Dimension has announced that it has successfully used its own DragonFly 3D printer to manufacture production-grade capacitors.

“The test results clearly show that with the DragonFly system our customers can achieve repeatability comparable to that of traditional processes in short run manufacturing of capacitors using 3D printing,” Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension, said in a press statement. “Along with high accuracy, miniaturization, and space saving on the board, these are key factors in the electronics production process and next generation electronics applications.”

Nano Dimension’s extensive testing with capacitors of different 3D dimensions have shown consistent results with statistically validated data. The repeatability results show less than 1% variance. The technology uses the same dielectric and metal traces as in the additively manufactured PCB yielding capacitors with a capacitance range from 0.1nF to 3.2nF. The successful results are based on over 260 tests with 30 different additively manufactured capacitors dimensions.

By integrating capacitors using additive manufacturing, electronics designers and manufacturers can avoid what is often a time consuming, multi-step assembly process, as the DragonFly prints the entire capacitor and PCB in one print job. This allows companies to reduce the fabrication time and overcome many of the challenges imposed by traditional production techniques.