Lumileds targets flagship smartphones with Spectral Pure Technology

Lumileds’ Luxeon 1.4×1.4mm Flash 9X LED is said to produce photos with the finest colour quality thanks to the company’s Spectral Pure Technology, including more realistic skin tones capture.

“The improved picture quality with Spectral Pure Technology is stunning when compared side-by-side with photos captured at 80 CRI, the former industry standard. Pictures taken with LEDs supported by Spectral Pure Technology have richer colours and facial tones appear more attractive than before,” says Thierry De Smet, Director of Product Marketing at Lumileds.

Key to this exceptional colour quality is the spectral optimization of the camera flash, which matches the camera response curve and is characterized by its Camera Colour Index (CCI), a more effective metric Lumileds is introducing to replace Colour Rendering Index, CRI, for camera applications. “CRI really only applies when viewing objects directly with the human eye, but a camera captures colours differently, and the flash should be designed to counter this difference,” explains De Smet.

The flash is produced at 4500K colour temperature with excellent colour stability of ±250K.