CARNET’s National CERT has launched a national campaign “Croatian naives”

For the purpose of public awareness of the importance of cyber security and encouragement of responsible use of the Internet, CARNET’s National CERT has launched a national campaign “Croatian naives*”

The campaign is part of the “GrowCERT – Strengthening National CERT Capacity and Improved National and European Co-operation” project, co-funded by the European Commission through the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility).

Today, the Internet uses almost every day from the children to the elderly, but do they know the danger to the global network and how do they protect them?

According to the 2017 Eurobarometer survey data, citizens’ views on Cybernetic Security in Croatia suggest that average users do not take sufficient care of protecting their own data, they do not think that they might become a victim of a cybernetic attack and need education. Internet self-taught users are in the online space just like the self-styled painters of the Croatian naive, and Croatian naive people who, thanks to their naivety, have become victims of internet fraud and are unfounded confidential.

National CERT of Croatia wants to motivate citizens to learn to have their own internet data and to carefree surf the Internet. Everyone interested in the website will be able to get acquainted with the big internet naive, read their stories and learn about different types of risky behavior on the internet, such as using a simple password or unsupporting information source.

With online and TV channels and various promotional materials, National CERT will organize community-based education and members of the academic network in March.

*”naives”, in Croatian “naivci” has 2 different meaning in Croatian language: 1. artists who lacks the formal education and training that a professional artist undergoes, and they produce naive art. 2. on English “suckers”, a persons that has been tricked into something. A gullible persons.