Toshiba’s KumoScale supports TCP transport

Toshiba‘s KumoScale shared accelerated storage software now supports TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) transport in its 3.9 production release, available today.

By leveraging TCP, the most widely-used and trusted networking protocol in today’s enterprise and cloud data centers, KumoScale software enables NVM Express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) to be deployed over existing Ethernet networks, opening opportunities for broader NVMe-oF deployment and adoption.

In addition to TCP networks, KumoScale supports RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) version 2 networks.

KumoScale shared accelerated storage software makes flash storage accessible over a data center network. It addresses the inefficiencies associated with direct-attached storage (DAS) architectures by disaggregating the high-performance NVMe SSDs from compute nodes and making them shared and available across a network infrastructure as network-attached resources.

Pooling these resources provides the ability to provision the right amount of storage or compute for each application workload, on each server within the data center, all while preserving the high-performance and low-latency benefits of NVMe SSDs.

By delivering disaggregated, highly-flexible networked block storage to compute nodes, KumoScale allows data centers to run more efficiently.