Rimac has choose ADI ICs for hypercar battery management systems

Analog Devices has announced its ICs are to be incorporated in Rimac Automobili’s BMS (battery management systems).

ADI’s technology provides Rimac’s BMS with the ability to extract energy and capacity out of its batteries by calculating reliable state of charge and other battery parameters at any given time. BMS technology acts as the “brains” behind battery packs by managing the output, charging and discharging as well as providing precision measurements during vehicle operation. It also provides vital safeguards to protect the battery from damage.

ADI says its battery management ICs deliver accurate measurements, resulting in safer vehicle operation and maximizing vehicle range per charge.

ADI’s BMS ICs serve multiple cell configurations and battery types across a range of applications and industries. In addition to electric vehicle battery management systems, applications include on-board chargers (OBCs), high power electrical storage systems (ESS), backup battery systems, and high voltage data acquisition systems.

Rimac CEO Mate Rimac says “We have decided to adopt the Analog Devices portfolio of battery management ICs across our complete product line of battery management systems. ADI’s ICs are an integral part of our in-house developed BMS that we are using in our own vehicles, but also for many global car brands.

“We have benchmarked these ICs in the market and selected Analog Devices for superior precision measurement accuracy and product robustness over the lifetime of the vehicle.”

“High performance electric vehicles require high precision electronics,” said Patrick Morgan, vice president od ADI. “We are pleased to support Rimac with our precision battery management ICs for its leading-edge electric vehicle systems with the goal of achieving some of the best performance in the world.”