Rimac grows to 450+ employees

Since October 2018, Rimac and Greyp have 429 full time employees, or 482 with external associates and students. It is a diverse team coming from 27 countries and joining Rome. Most of the team has a base in the headquarters of a company on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia. In addition, this year, development offices will be opened in two other locations in Croatia, Split and Osijek, and will work closely with local technical faculties. Selected engineers are working on the route Croatia-China, as a Rimac-Camel Joint Venture headquartered in Xiangyang.

Mate Rimac, founder and chief executive, or one type of garage in the first few years, shares his thoughts: “Each time every company doubles, everything is changing. We really strive to structure the business, organize processes, and help our managers and team leaders to One of the biggest challenges we have at this time is space – it’s currently in 5 buildings in Holy Sunday and expanding to other sites for production and R & D. ”

Today, more than a year later, more than 100 jobs have been reopened. Growth rate continues due to growing needs. Rimac C_Two, launched this year at the Geneva Motor Show, is in the final stages of development and requires a lot of resources to address the challenge of homologation and other tests before production. In addition to their own projects, they work on even more vehicles and technologies. Rimac is a recognized partner for the electrification of many car manufacturers: Porsche, Pininfarina cars, Aston Martin, CUPRA, Renault and even beyond the public eye. These are exciting times, and they continue with the hard work, determined to make promises.