MagnaChip launches LDO regulator for SSDs

MagnaChip, the Korean mixed signal specialist, has launched a low noise, low power consumption, fast transient LDO regulator suitable for BGA SSDs.

The chip is developed especially for the requirements of a BGA SSD power supply and provides a stable 1.2V output voltage in the 1.65V to 3.3V input voltage range.

It also is capable of supplying a maximum current of 500mA and, by virtue of a high Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR), can remove input power noise.

It has a low quiescent current of 75uA, which increases the power efficiency of mobile devices and extends battery life.

By design, a BGA SSD has a high variation in its read / write load, which requires a stable power supply.

To meet this requirement, the new LDO regulator features an industry leading 0.5% fast transient response.

MagnaChip also promotes greater product safety by building in protection against current surges above rated specifications and enhanced power monitoring features.