LG and SK Telecom together works on 5G-connected robots

SK Telecom and LG have signed an Memo of understanding to develop and commercialise autonomous robots connected to a 5G cloud based platform to provide security and guidance services.

“SK Telecom’s ICT such as 5G and AI will converge with LG Electronics’ robot-building expertise to realize innovative and attractive robot services,” says SK CTO Park Jin-hyo.

Robots will be connected to the cloud using SK Telecom’s 5G network, which will allow for the robots software to be remotely downloaded, updating the features of the robots.

SK Telecom will use its 5G Mobile Edge Computing technology to support ultra-low latency communication between the robots and the network.

The announcement of the MoU will see SK Telecom dramatically increase its focus on robotics and will help to develop use cases for robotics in 5G.