Drive system from Rimac Automobili in Pininfarina Battista

The Italian company Pininfarina presented the first vehicle under its own name. It has the electric drive system of the Croatian company Rimac Automobili. It develops incredible 1.900 hp on all four wheels, which is almost 400 hp more than the Bugatti model Chiron, and can simultaneously distribute the torque on each wheel independently.

The four motors drive and on all four-wheel drive can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than two seconds, so at least it can be said at a maximum speed of 350 km/h. The most surprising of its ability to accelerate to 300 km/h in less than 12 seconds.

The T-shaped battery is located low in the center of the car, the main drive shaft in the transmission tunnel and the transverse behind the seat. The engines are placed in pairs at each end, in line with the wheels. Since the Rimac model C_Two has two two-spoke rear derailleurs, we assume that Pininfarinin Battista has the same solution, meaning that at maximum speeds the drive will be on the rear wheels.

Despite the 120 kWh high capacity battery, which is three times more than the Nissan Leaf, the range is only 450 km. The power system obviously takes a lot of power.

Above the propulsion system is Pininfarin’s passenger car cabinet for two persons. The design embodies the beautiful and recognizable lines of the Italian supercar that combines aesthetic grace and aerodynamic functionality. You just have to find out what an adjustable sound system is, but it seems that customers will be able to choose different sound simulations for each of the five now unspecified driving modes.

The interior is a neat mix of digital displays mounted around the driver, and ultrafine animal skin (of course, none of the endangered species) at the customer’s choice. Also available are details of crushed leather, microfiber, wood and metal. It is interesting that the driver and passenger seat can be ordered in different colors, changing the color of the ambient light or putting the “Battista” inscription on the position as desired.

The tedious task of keeping the Battistin torque of 2300 Nm on the road was obtained by Pirelli’s tires made specifically for this vehicle. If you often use Battista’s strength, you will be happy to see a guest at a local tire shop. As could be expected, the carbon-ceramic tiles behind the stunning 21-inch alloy wheels are massively and reliably operated, with six-piston front brakes and an active rear-mounted air brake, as far as the spoiler is concerned.

Pininfarina will produce 150 pieces, 50 for North America, Europe and the Middle East, which means that the Battista will not be as rare as would be expected of such a vehicle. When we are already at numbers, the price is 1.98 million euros.