Audi has joined the SEMI

SEMI is a global industry association of companies that provide equipment, materials and services for the manufacture of semiconductors, photovoltaic panels, LED and flat panel displays, micro-electromechanical systems, printed and flexible electronics, and related micro and nano-technologies. SEMI is founded 1970. and now Audi as the first automotive OEM, highlights the rising significance of semiconductors for the automotive industry.

This membership will give Audi access to the association’s competencies in developing international standards and harmonizing technology roadmaps. It also will enable the carmaker to leverage the global SEMI platform to promote industry alignment across supply-chain segments.

Audi is a founding member of the Global Automotive Advisory Council (GAAC). GAAC members address automotive technology issues such as device and system reliability and connectivity, promote industry standards, and align roadmaps of carmakers with adjacent industries to accelerate time to market. GAAC has branches in Europe, the U.S., Japan and Taiwan.

“With rapid advances in automotive electronics technology, semiconductors now play a critical role in innovation and product differentiation,” said Klaus Buettner, executive vice president Development Electrics/Electronics, CarIT, at Audi. “In order to fulfill the promise of sustainable, connected-to-everything, highly automated mobility up to autonomous driving, we need to also align automotive requirements across the entire semiconductor value chain. With its global platform, SEMI is the right association to bring together supply chain stakeholders the close collaboration critical to driving technology innovation.”

Under its leadership as a founding member of the GAAC, Audi has been instrumental in establishing priorities for the Europe branch and helped grow the branch to 17 companies representing the entire automotive electronics ecosystem including OEMs, device manufacturers, foundries, design companies and equipment and materials suppliers. Founding members of the GAAC Europe branch include Audi, its parent company Volkswagen as well as Bosch, Cadence, Imec, Globalfoundries and Synopsys.