Alibaba’s Pingtouge launches own processor

Pingtouge tends to be the chip infrastructure provider for AI and IoT. The Chinese government hopes that companies can develop domestic technologies.

Alibaba’s Pingtouge branch introduced its first XuanTie 910 processor Thursday, which can be used in industry applications including 5G, artificial intelligence, and autonomous driving, according to Alibaba’s statement.

Pingtouge also said that a new processor could reduce the cost of producing linked chips by more than 50%.

The company has indicated that it is expected that the XuanTie 910 will soon be available for commercial sale, although the price range has not been disclosed.

The 16-core processor is built on the RISC-V structure, free and open architecture set of instruction sets (ISA).

Alibaba subsidiary claims that its first product is currently the highest quality RISC-V processor on the market.

Pintouge seeks to become an affordable chip infrastructure provider for the arts intelligence and internet stuff, says Qi Xiaoning, vice president of Alibaba Group.

Alibaba, who purchased a Chinese chip maker named C-SKY Microsystems in April 2018, is also supporting other chip companies, including Cambricon, Kneron, ASR and DeePhi, as well as Californian Barefoot Networks.