Yamaha Solve Real-World Automation Challenges

Lightweight cobots dominated at Hanover Messe this April. While they offer a tantalising vision for our industrial future, many automation challenges are solved more efficiently by coordinated high-speed robots working together in a fully integrated assembly cell.

Yamaha’s Factory Automation Section is the only robot manufacturer offering a portfolio that includes all commonly used industrial robot types; cartesian, SCARA, single-axis, and multi-axis articulated robots.

The wide range of machines, controllers, programming software, and accessories available enables solution integrators to automate entire assembly sequences, benefiting from convenient one-stop technical support and a common environment for programming and control.

The lineup contains machine sizes for payloads from 5kg to 50kg, with special options including high-speed pick-and-place robots, dust-/drip-proof, and clean-room models. Features such as contamination-resistant position resolvers and innovative vector-control drives ensure superior speed and reliability. In addition, Yamaha’s unique LCM100 robotic linear conveyor module overcomes the restrictions of conventional belt-and-roller transport by enabling bidirectional flexibility, independent module speed control, and easy reprogramming.

Flexible controller options ensure speed and simplicity, with machine vision fully integrated under robot control using Yamaha’s dedicated vision instructions for easy setup and instantaneous response. Eliminating the interface lag that typically slows communication with a conventional independent vision system allows faster excursion speeds for improved tact time.

More about Yamaha Robotics line up in Europe you can find on website of their partner here.