Power supply accelerates factory conveyor systems

Delivering peak power to motor start or/and high capacitive loads in factory automation applications, the three-phase ENI250A series delivers a constant 250W and up to 480W peak power with an efficiency up to 94%.

The power supply, by Powerbox, is housed in an IP54 case and measure 250mm x 160mm x 55mm. It includes a microcontroller to adjust protection behaviour and accepts input voltages from 323V AC to 560V AC three-phase. It is designed to meet safety specifications 60950-1 and 62368-1 EMC is in accordance with EN61000-6-3 and EN61000-6-2.

The supply is designed for use in factory automation and automated parcel hubs for with conveyers, sorting switches and other equipment for e-commerce.

It is designed to operate in harsh environments and is mechanically reconfigurable to fit different form factors or direct integration into DC motors. It includes a microcontroller, peak power, current limiting and protection modes. There is also soft start, over-current, over-voltage and temperature protection. It uses an active power factor correction (PFC) with a high efficiency, compact LLC topology.

The 250W power supply addresses 24V DC motors and can deliver 480W peak power for one second, sustain high capacitive loads and manage energy recycling when a DC motor is decelerating or stopping, says the company. This function can increase equipment life expectancy as well as save energy. For higher power or redundancy, it can be paralleled. Operating temperature range is -25°C to +70°C.

Other output voltages are available on demand to power 36V, 48V DC motors, as well customised voltages.

There is an LED indicator for the status of the power supply, a DC-OK signal and remote reset for integration within the conveyer operation management system.