France will have first autonomous robot pizza restaurant

France’s rich culinary history, fameous by their Chefs, is about to be taken to another level. Pazzi, formerly known as EKIM, is the world’s first fully automated restaurant and it’s opening soon having raised over €10-million Series A round of funding. The round was led by the Singaporean investment fund Qualgro – its first investment in Europe – along with the French fund Eutopia, and existing investors Partech and Daphni.

The new funding will allow Pazzi to accelerate its technological development by growing its R&D teams and partnerships for the manufacture of new ‘Pizzaiolo’ robots as well as opening its first restaurant.

PAZZI creates small autonomous, robot-powered pizza restaurants. At roughly 45 square meters, the PAZZI concept is something between a large automated kiosk (like the Blendid robot) and full-on regular-sized restaurant. Shoppers order and customize their pizzas via touchscreen, which a three-armed robot makes, slides in and out of an oven, and slices — all without humans. According to their promotional video, PAZZI can make a pizza every 30 seconds.